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About United We Grow:

The United We Grow website was originally opened for Travis Croken's election campaign while running for school board trustee. While he was not elected to the board, he is still committed to community development and involvement.  Instead of shutting down, the United We Grow website will now be used to unite our city and bring positive change. The site will offer volunteer opportunities, updates on ongoing projects, and information on events happening around Ottawa. It is our hope that this site will become a hub of caring, support, and inclusion. Thank you for your interest and check back often to stay updated.


Travis Croken is a long time resident of River Ward,  where he is the Vice President of the Riverside Park Community and Recreation Association.  Many years ago he was involved in a life-changing accident, which left him with chronic pain, post-concussion syndrome, and walking with a cane. Going through several years of painful therapy and counselling to learn to accept his "new normal" has given him a unique perspective on life.

During his recovery, he had to come to terms with his new limitations and decide whether to give in or find a new sense of meaning and accomplishment. He took on the challenge of moving forward from the accident and began to focus on writing, and creating a new life. Finding success, he started to reach out to his community and volunteer. 

Currently, he is a writer, citizen-scientist, mentor, volunteer, and participates with several charities to help people around the globe. His charitable work, as well as his volunteer work, has exposed him to cultures and traditions from across the world. He has gained a deeper understanding of cultural differences and sees the need for greater understanding in our communities.  He recognizes that when we account for and celebrate our differences and strengths, we grow as a society. 

His passion for Ottawa and his community involvement drives him to be a role model and he hopes to become a community leader who inspires by example. He approaches everything in life with tenacity and refuses to be cowed by barriers. Learning to live with an acquired disability means that when faced with an obstacle he does everything he must to find another way.

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